How Important is URSA

What is ursa? 
URSA stands for University Records System Access, which provides information services to BU students via the Web.
The various information stored in URSA includes

Personal Data
Student ID, name, school, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. You can instruct the system to change your personal information.

Grade Report
Semester exam results and transcript are shown here.

Grade Calculator
This helps calculate GPA and Cum. GPA

Class Schedule
This shows the list of registered courses and classrooms in each semester.

Examination Schedule
This shows the courses, dates, times, exam rooms and seat numbers.

Pepaid Balance
You can check the balance on your prepaid card that you use as cash for University services like request for transcript,
printing service at the internet lab, etc.

Details of Suspension of Services
You can find out why your essential documents are suspended which may result in the suspension of your transcript.
You may have to contact the department involved.

Course Sections
This is especially useful when you plan your course registration each semester.

Score Announcement
Mid-term score reports are posted in order of student ID.

Online Assessment System
You can fill out instructor evaluation forms and offer opinions on courses via the Web.

Online Withdrawal
This makes it convenient for you to withdraw courses via the Internet.

Online Registration
This enables you to register for courses every semester.

There are more online services.

You may apply for membership in order to receive grades, class cancellation and class make-up announcements through SMS.

BU Knowledge Center
A center of knowledge for self-study

Web-based E-mail
For you to read and check mail. Your e-mail address format is ( for example )

BU Forums
This is your chance to air your opinions and suggestions or ask questions to the University department involved.

Check Usage Time and Change Password
You can check the number of internet hours at home and change your password via the Web.

Help Desk/FAQ
A collection of questions and answers concerning computers and Computer Center's services like how to use the internet at home,
how to make a connection, what phone number to dial for internet connection, etc.


How to use URSA Online on campus

In order to access the data in URSA Online, you need a computer that is hooked up to the Internet provided by the University.
City Campus - Room 933 and Floor 3, Library
Rangsit Campus - Room 955  121 Cyber Center and Surat Osathanugrah Library

How to use URSA Online at home

If you use your home computer to access the data in URSA Online ( for example Grade Report ), you have to change your password (national ID card number ) to a new password by visiting Use your student ID as Username.
When you are connected, use Web Browser (for example Internet Explorer or Netscape) to access the data on the internet.
(Click for details about Internet Password)